Nutraceuticals Inspiring the Contemporary Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases

Nutraceuticals Inspiring the Contemporary Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases

Lopez-Sanchez, Pedro; Johri, Parul; Singh, Sachidanand; Trivedi, Mala

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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- Overview on Nutraceuticals for management of lifestyle Disease

Nutraceuticals for healthy lifestyle: before the drugs beyond the diets

Polyphenols as Nutraceuticals of modern life

Nutraceuticals for Cancer Management

Insight into The Role of Prebiotics in Diabetes Therapy

Nutraceuticals for Hormonal Imbalance Management

Nutraceuticals for Hypertension Management

Nutraceuticals for Respiratory Disease Management

Nutraceuticals: Fine Tuning of food and Nutrition for Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Nutraceuticals Explored: Safety, Toxicity, and Contaminant Concerns

State of The Art on Polyphenols as Nutraceuticals: Focus on Cancer Preventive and Immuno-Fortifying Properties

Nanotechnology and its Role in Nutraceuticals towards Human Health

Computational Strategies for the Discovery of Nutraceuticals Against Lifestyle Diseases

Nanotechnology based approaches applied to Nutraceuticals in Connection with its legal aspects

Role of Nutraceuticals in Maintaining Oral and Periodontal Health

Nutraceutical Mediated AMPK Activation: Prospects and Molecular Executors

Agro-food Waste, a Potential Bioresource for Nutraceuticals
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Nutraceuticals, Polyphenols, Molecular Executors, Cancer Management, Diabetes Therapy, Hypertension Management