Novel Aspects of Diamond II

Novel Aspects of Diamond II

Science and Technology

Mandal, Soumen; Yang, Nianjun

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction.- Insights into Nanodiamond from Machine Learning.- Tuning surface properties of detonation and milled nanodia-monds by gas phase modications.- Early Stages of Polycrystalline Diamond Film Deposition on Seeded Substrates.- Polycrystalline diamond: recent advances in CVD synthesis and applications.- Growth of diamond on high-power electronic material.- Bonding, thermal and ambient stability of nitrogen-terminated diamond (100) surfaces by plasma exposure studied by ex-situ XPS, HREELS, and DFT modeling.- Solid State Surface Transfer Doping of Diamond: Advanced Photoemission Characterisation.- Direct Bonding of Diamond and Dissimilar Materials for Fab-ricating High Performace Power Devices.- Ion-implantation of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films for Field Electron Emission Applications.- Advances in Water Treatment Using Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes.- Electro-analysis using unmodied boron doped diamond elec-trodes.- Hydrogen-Terminated Diamond MOS Capacitors, MOSFETs, and MOSFET Logic Circuits.- Galfenol/Single-Crystal Diamond MEMS Magnetic Sensor.- Diamond-Graphene Nanohybrid (DGN) Films: Preparation, Characterization and Application.- Research Progress of Isotope Battery Devices Based on Ra-diation Voltaic Eect in Diamond.
CVD Techniques;Diamond Nanoparticles;Machine Learning Nanodiamonds;Diamond Power;CVD Diamonds;Synthetic Diamond;Homoepitaxial Diamond Growth;Diamond Color Centers;Diamond for Energy Applications;Chemical Vapor Deposition;Diamond MEMS Devices;Radioisotope Voltaic Batteries;Diamond for Field Electron Emission Applications;Wastewater Treatment;Polycrystalline Diamond for Electronics and Optics;High-Power Electronic Materials