Noise and Vibration Control on Ships

Noise and Vibration Control on Ships

Understanding and Cutting Through the Noise

Fischer, Raymond; Boroditsky, Leonid

Springer International Publishing AG





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1 Introduction.- 2 Basic Acoustic Principles - Noise and Vibration.- 3 Acoustic Criteria.- 4 Noise and Vibration Control Program Plan.- 5 Shipboard Noise and Vibration Sources.- 6 Introduction to Source/Path/Receiver Modeling.- 7 Prediction Modeling Methods.- 8 Airborne Noise and Vibration Control Treatments.- 9 Underwater Acoustics.- 10 Design Guidance, Do's and Don'ts, and Optimized Solutions.- 11 Unique Acoustic Characteristics of Ships and Their Control.- 12 Cost and Return on Investment (ROI).- 13 Inspection and Testing.- 14 Operation and Care of Treatments.
ship habitability noise;statistical energy analysis;vibration sources;propeller radiated noise;underwater noise;sonar self-noise;design guidance;ship radiated noise;noise sources;noise and vibration regulations;noise prediction methods