Nanotechnology Based Strategies for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Nanotechnology Based Strategies for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Wani, Mohmmad Younus; Rai, Akhilesh; Wani, Irshad Ahmad

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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1 Antimicrobial resistance: An overview.- 2 Role of Nano-medicine in Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance: Challenges and Opportunities.- 3 Nanotechnology Based Tools to Overcome Antimicrobial Resistance.- 4 Metal Nanoparticles as Alternative Antimicrobial Agents to Combat Multidrug Resistance Bacteria.- 5 Plant Extract Mediated Synthesis and Antibacterial Potential of Metallic Nanoparticles.- 6 Functionalized Quantum Dots as Antimicrobial Agents.- 7 Antimicrobial peptide-based nanomaterials in combating multidrug-resistant bacteria.- 8 Nanocomposites in Combating Antimicrobial Resistance.- 9 Carbon Nanomaterials as Antimicrobial Agents to Combat Multidrug Resistance.- 10 Polymer-based Nanomaterials Against Multidrug Resistant Bacteria.- 11 Development of nanoemulsion based drug carrier molecules in the fight against multi-drug resistance.- 12 Nanoemulsions as drug Carriers to Combat AMR.- 13 Liposomes as Efficient Drug Delivery Vehicles to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance.- 14 Photodynamic and light-response nanomaterials against multidrug-resistant bacteria.- 15 Applications of ionic liquids as antimicrobials and their impact in nanotechnology.- 16 Nanomaterials in the development of advanced antimicrobial agents.- 17 Nanomaterials to Abate Antibiotic Resistance During the Management of Dental Diseases.- 18 Nanocomposites of metal nanoparticles and polymer as platform of alternative approach in combating antimicrobial resistance.- 19 Green synthesized nanoparticles to combat multidrug-resistant bacteria.- 20 Antimicrobial nanofibers to fight multidrug-resistant bacteria.
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Drug Delivery;Nanomedicine;Antibiotics;Antimicrobial Resistance;Multi Drug Resistance