Nanopore Sequencing

Nanopore Sequencing

Methods and Protocols

Arakawa, Kazuharu

Springer-Verlag New York Inc.





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The current state of nanopore sequencing.- Hybrid genome assembly of short and long reads in Galaxy.- Microbial genome sequencing and assembly using nanopore sequencers.- De novo genome assembly of Japanese Black cattle as model of an economically relevant animal.- How to sequence and assemble plant genomes.- Detection of DNA modification using nanopore sequencers.- Ultra-low input genome library preparation for nanopore sequencing with droplet-MDA.- The method of eliminating the Wolbachia endosymbiont genomes from insect samples prior to long-reads.- A nanopore sequencing course for graduate school curriculum.- A guide to genome sequencing containing ultra-long repetitive regions.- Analysis of tandem repeat expansions using long DNA reads.- Finding rearrangements in nanopore DNA reads with last and dnarrange..- Long read whole-genome sequencing using a nanopore sequencer and detection of structural variants in cancer genomes.- Full-length 16S rRNA gene analysis using long-read nanopore sequencing for rapid identification of bacteria from clinical specimens.- Nanopore sequencing data analysis of 16S rRNA genes using Genome Sync-GSTK system.- Genomic epidemiological analysis of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria with nanopore sequencing.- Rapid and comprehensive identification of nontuberculous mycobacteria.- Long-read single-cell sequencing using scCOLOR-seq.- Unfolding the Bacterial Transcriptome Landscape using Oxford Nanopore Technology Direct RNA Sequencing.- Nanopore Direct RNA Sequencing of Monosome-and Polysome-bound RNA.- RNA modification detection using nanopore direct RNA sequencing and nanoDoc2.
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Nanopore sequencers;genome sequencing;long repetitive genes;structural variants;bacterial genomes