Nano-enabled Agrochemicals in Agriculture

Nano-enabled Agrochemicals in Agriculture

Adnan Shahid, Muhammad; Ghorbanpour, Mansour

Elsevier Science & Technology






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1. The Role of Nanotechnology to Combat Major Recent Worldwide Challenges 2. Classification of nanomaterials and their physical and chemical nature 3. The theory of relativity effect in nanoparticles: Deciphering of unknown effects 4. Eco-friendly routes for obtaining nanoparticles and their application in agro-industry 5. The mechanism involved in the synthesis of biogenic nanoparticles 6. Advanced analytical techniques for physico-chemical characterization of nano-materials 7. Nanotechnology for cargo delivery with a special emphasis on pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer 8. Nano-biofertilizers for enhanced nutrient use efficiency 9. Nanopriming technology for improving crop plants under stressful conditions: concepts and methods 10. Applications of nanotechnology in precision agriculture 11. Applications of algal nanoparticles in agriculture 12. Silver and zinc nanoparticles in improvement of agricultural crops 13. Biogenic nanoparticles and their application for removal of organic contaminants from water and wastewater 14. Stimulatory role of nanomaterials on agricultural crops 15. Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles and their uses in Agriculture 16. A Comprehensive Review on Nanopesticides and Nanofertilizers- A boon for Agriculture 17. Nano-enabled Agrochemicals for Sustainable Agriculture 18. Encapsulation of Fungicide Nanoparticles Using Functionalized Graphene and its Application against Phytopathogenic Rhizoctonia Solani 19. Nanotoxicity based studies (phytotoxicity, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and ecotoxicity) in agriculture 20. Engineered nanomaterial-mediated changes in growth and development of common agricultural crops 21. Biosynthesis and green synthesis of nano-particles and their use in agriculture 22. Nanoparticle-based solutions for diagnosis and management of fungal plant pathogens 23. Current Status and Future Prospects of Nanoparticles as plant genetic materials carrier 24. Current developments in nanotechnology for the growth of different industrial sectors: 2010-2020 25. Impacts of nanomaterials on metabolic profiling of agricultural crops 26. Polymeric Nanoparticle-based Insecticide: a critical review of agriculture production 27. Nanodelivery System: In the agriculture sector 28. Nanotechnology, a new tool for agriculture and agroindustry 29. Synthesis of different TiO2 nanostructures using Central Composite Design optimization method and application of TiO2-nanobelt for water microorganism's purification
nanotechnology; sustained release; precision agriculture; plant growth; toxicity; metabolism; nanosensor; nanofertilizer; nanopesticide