Microbial Metatranscriptomics Belowground

Microbial Metatranscriptomics Belowground

Nath, Manoj; Bhargava, Prachi; Choudhary, D. K.; Bhatt, Deepesh

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Metatranscriptomics in Microbiome study: A comprehensive approach.- Chapter 2. Molecular Tools to Explore Rhizosphere Microbiome.- Chapter 3. Relevance of metatranscriptomics in symbiotic associations between plants and rhizosphere microorganisms.- Chapter 4. Chemical Signal Dissemination through Infochemicals.- Chapter 5. Nitrogen fixation through genetic engineering: A future systemic approach for Nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 6. Functional AM fungi in the rhizopshere of fruit crops.- Chapter 7. Importance of PGPRs in rhizosphere.- Chapter 8. Flavonoid Infochemicals: Unraveling insights of rhizomicrobiome interactions.- Chapter 9. Augmenting the abiotic stress tolerance in plants through microbial association.- Chapter 10. Role of functional defense signal in plant -microbe interactions.- Chapter 11. Understanding rhizosphere through metatranscriptomics approaches.- Chapter 12. Rhizospheric microbial communities: occurrence, distribution and functions.- Chapter 13. Psychrotrophic Microbes: Biodiversity, Adaptation, and Implications.- Chapter 14. Significance of belowground microbial-rhizoshphere interactions.- Chapter 15. Functional niche under abiotic stress.- Chapter 16. Functional Diversity in Rhizosphere Microbial Community: Concept to Applications.- Chapter 17. Epiphytic Microbes of roots: Diversity and Significance.- Chapter 18. Evaluation of dynamic microbiome ecology within the plant roots.- Chapter 19. Maneuvering Soil Microbiome And Their Interactions: A Resilient Technology For Conserving Soil And Plant Health.- Chapter 20. Exploration of Rhizospheric Microbial Diversity of the Indian Sunderbans - a World Heritage Site.- Chapter 21. Advances and challenges in metatranscriptomic analysis.- Chapter 22. Metatranscriptomics: A Promising Tool to Depict Dynamics of Microbial Community Structure and Function.- Chapter 23. A pipeline for assessment of Pathogenic Load in the Environment using Microbiome Analysis.- Chapter 24. High Throughput analysis to decipher bacterial diversity and their functional properties in fresh water bodies.- Chapter 25. Functional defense signals in plants.- Chapter 26. Metatranscriptomic: A recent advancement to explore and understand rhizosphere.- Chapter 27. Advances in Biotechnological tools and techniques for metatranscriptomics.- Chapter 28. Microbes and soil health for sustainable crop production.- Chapter 29. Molecular Mechanisms Deciphering Cross-Talk Between Quorum Sensing Genes And Major Iron Regulons In Rhizospheric Communities.- Chapter 30. Exploring the Potential of Below ground Microbiome: Mechanism of action, Applications & Commercial Challenges.- Chapter 31. Plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) - a new perspective in abiotic stress management of crop plants.
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Metagenome;Meta-transcriptomics;Meta-genomics;Functional genes;Microbial diversity