Microbial Applications for Environmental Sustainability

Microbial Applications for Environmental Sustainability

Mohammad Said Al-Tawaha, Abdel Rahman; Karnwal, Arun

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1 Microbes For Sustainable Development Of Environmental Issues.- Chapter 2 Harnessing Microbial Solutions For Sustainable Food And Environmental Security.- Chapter 3 Microbial Technology: Tools For Waste Management; Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Safety.- Chapter 4 Microbial Meditated Remediation Of Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil.- Chapter 5 Microbial Degradation Of Pesticides In The Environment .- Chapter 6 Plastisphere: Marine Microbial Assemblages For Biodegradation Of Microplastics.- Chapter 7 Plastisphere: Marine Microbial Assemblages For Biodegradation Of Microplastics.- Chapter 8 Microbial Processes Of Reducing E-Waste Pollution.- Chapter 9 Microbial Enzymes For Eco-Friendly Recycling Of Waste Paper By Deinkin.- Chapter 10 The Potential and Reality of Agricultural Wastewater Reuse.- Chapter 12 Microbial Manganese Peroxidase: Ligninolytic Enzymes For Bioremediation.- Chapter 13 Biofilm- Mediated Heavy Metals Bioremediation.- Chapter 14 Rhizospheric Microbes: A Promising Resource For Bioremediation And Agricultural Productivity.- Chapter 13 Microbial Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles For Bioremediation Of Toxic Pollutants.- Chapter 15 Phytoremediation: A Clean And Green Approach For Heavy Metal Remediation.- Chapter 16 Second Generation Biofuels: Concepts, Applications, And Challenges.- Chapter 17 Third Generation Biofuels: A Promising Approach For Environmental Sustainability.- Chapter 18 The utilization of microorganisms for the sustainable development of environmental issues.- Chapter 19 Microorganisms for the promotion of sustainable development in the context of environmental challenges.
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Microbial Enzymes;Microbes;Detoxification;Marine Microbial;Microbial technology;Sustainable;Pesticides