Microbes and Signaling Biomolecules Against Plant Stress

Microbes and Signaling Biomolecules Against Plant Stress

Strategies of Plant- Microbe Relationships for Better Survival

Sharma, Anita

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Rhizospheric engineering for sustainable agriculture.- Chapter 2. Stress alleviation in plants using sar and isr: current views on stress signalling network.- Chapter 3. Plant - microbe interaction: a sustainable strategy to elevate salinity tolerance in plants.- Chapter 4. Concepts and application of plant-microbe interaction in remediation of heavy metals.- Chapter 5. Abiotic stress: its outcome and tolerance in plants.- Chapter 6. Physiological and molecular aspects of retrieving environmental stress in plants by microbial interactions.- Chapter 7. Plant-microbe interactions: an insight into the underlying mechanisms to mitigate diverse environmental stresses. Chapter 8. Omics technology: role and future in providing biotic and abiotic stress tolerance to plants. Chapter 9. Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in amelioration of drought stress in crop plants. Chapter 10. Drought stress tolerance: an insight to resistance mechanismand adaptation in plants. Chapter 11. Phytoremediation: a synergistic interaction between plants and microbes for removal of unwanted chemicals/contaminants. Chapter 12. Involvement of synergistic interactions between plants and rhizospheric microbes for the removal of toxic /hazardous contaminants.- Chapter 13. Understanding the role of microbes and plants in the management of heavy metal stress: a current perspective. Chapter 14. Ros signalling under oxidative stress in plants.- Chapter 15. Bacterial antagonists effective against soil borne and foliar pathogens.
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microbiome;plant-microbe interaction;abiotic stress;phytoremediation;plant stress;rhizobacteria