Metal-Organic Frameworks-Based Hybrid Materials for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring

Metal-Organic Frameworks-Based Hybrid Materials for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring

Bilal, Muhammad; Rasheed, Tahir; Gupta, Ram K.; Nguyen, Tuan Anh

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1 Metal-Organic Frameworks: An Introduction to Advanced Sensing Applications

2 Introduction to metal-organic frameworks

3 Recent development in MOFs-Polymer composites

4 MOFs- metal oxide based nanocomposites

5 Synthesis and applications of metal organic frameworks-chalcogenide based nanocomposites

6 Merits of Selecting Metal-Organic Frameworks as Sensors

7 MOFs as Sensors - Methods & Merits

8 Strategies to Improve Sensitivity and Selectivity of MOF-based Sensors

9 MOFs composites as catalysts for electrochemical sensors

10 Recent Advancement and Challenges in MOFs based Electrochemical Sensors

11 MOFs Based Electrochemical Sensors for Toxic Anions

12 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for alkali metal cations

13 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for nitrogen oxide/carbon dioxide

14 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for ammonia

15 MOFs-based Electrochemical Sensors for Hydrogen Peroxide

16 MOF-based Capacitive and Resistive Sensors for Hydrogen Sulfide

17 Metal-Organic Framework-Based Sensors for Detecting Hydrogen Sulfide

18 MOFs-based sensors for volatile organic compounds

19 Metal-Organic Frameworks for Organic Dye Adsorptions: Strategic Design and Interaction Aspects

20 MOFs-based Electrochemical Sensors for Pesticides

21 An overview of metal organic frames (MOFs) for detection of pesticides

22 MOFs Based Electrochemical Sensors for Glucose

23 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for protein detection

24 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for biological macromolecules sensing

25 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for DNA/RNA/ATP

26 Metal Organic Frameworks based electrochemical sensors for Neurochemicals

27 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for pharmaceutical compounds

28 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for pharmaceutical compounds

29 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for Endocrine-disrupting compounds

30 MOFs-based electrochemical sensors for viruses/bacteria

31 MOF-Derived Smart Sensors, Challenges and Future Perspective
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