Metal Nanoparticles in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture

Metal Nanoparticles in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture

Nhut, Duong Tan; Tung, Hoang Thanh

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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1. Undeniable Positive Impacts of Metal Nanoparticles in Plant Tissue Culture.- 2. Overview of Production Methods of Selected Metal Nanoparticles,- 3. Application of Polymeric Nanoparticles on Ameliorating Crop Productivity.- 4. Silver Nanoparticles as a Sterilant in Plant Micropropagation.- 5. Silver Nanoparticles as a Stimulant in Organogenesis of Several Plants.- 6. Enhanced Somatic Embryogenesis of Some Plants by Silver Nanoparticles.- 7. Positive Effect of Silver Nanoparticles in In Vitro Flowering and Fruiting of Passion Fruit.- 8. Enhanced Plantlet Quality on Microponic System Containing Silver Nanoparticles.- 9. Enhanced Growth of Single Cells of Limonium sinuatum on Medium Containing Silver Nanoparticles.- 10. Enhanced Growth of Plantlets on Medium Containing Cobalt Nanoparticles.- 11. Hardening of Plantlets Regenerated from Transgenic Hairy Roots of Panax vietnamensis on Medium Containing Iron Nanoparticles.- 12. Enhanced Surface Disinfection and Subsequent Growth in Plant Micropropagation by Copper Nanoparticles.- 13. Selenium Nanoparticles as a Stimulant in Plant Micropropagation.- 14. Hardening of Plantlets by Using Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles.- 15. Metal Nanoparticles on Overcoming Several Abnormal Phenomena in Plant Micropropagation.
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Abnormal phenomena;Micropropagation;Metal nanoparticles;Sterilant;Physiology