Materials Physics and Chemistry

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Applied Mathematics and Chemo-Mechanical Analysis

Vakhrushev, Alexander V.; Haghi, A. K.; Singh, Satya Bir

Apple Academic Press Inc.






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1. Classical and Nonclassical Treatment of Problems in Elastic-Plastic and Creep Deformation for Rotating Discs 2. Creep Analysis of Anisotropic Functionally Graded Rotating Disc Subject to Thermal Gradation 3. Elastic Plastic Transitional Stress Analysis of Human Tooth Enamel and Dentine under External Pressure Using Seth's Transition Theory 4. Characterization of Material in Solid Disc 5. Characterization of Material in a Rotating Disc Subjected to Thermal Gradient 6. Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Hard Machining on Inconel 718 Using Signal to Noise Ratio and Grey Relational Analysis 7. Testing of Surface of Nanolayer Powder Carbide Tungsten After Treated by Laser 8. Theoretical Analysis of Au-V Nanoalloy Clusters: A Density Functional Approach 9. Analysis of the Uniformity of Mixing of Micro and Nano Elements 10. Simultaneous Multi-Criteria Based Optimization Trends in Industrial Cases 11. Simultaneous Optimization Aspects in an Industrial Gas Sweetening Process for Sustainable Development 12. A DFT Study of CunFe (N=1-5) Nanoalloy Clusters 13. Nanotechnology as a Clean Technology and a Vision for the Future 14. Wear Studies on Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Prepared from Discarded Tea Extract and Coconut Shell Ash Particles 15. Study on Fretting Wear Characteristics of Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Hybrid Composites Fabricated by Friction Stir Welding Technique
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Tangential Strain Rate;Material behavior;Rotating Disc;Stress-strain relationships;Electrophilicity Index;Micro- and nanotechnology;Molecular Hardness;Computational approaches;Radial Strain Rate;Materials physics;Tungsten Carbide;Steady State Creep;Energy Gap;LSDA;Radial Stress;DFT Methodology;Strain Rate;Angular Speed;Wear Rate;Solid Disc;Pareto Front;Circumferential Stresses;Gas Sweetening Process;MMC;Radii Ratio;Stir Casting;Anisotropic Disc;Functionally Graded Material;Infinitesimal Deformation;Decision Variables