Materials, Computer Engineering and Education Technology

Materials, Computer Engineering and Education Technology

Gorlatch, Sergei; Salem, Abdel-Badeeh Mohamed

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Chapter 1: Characterization and Processing Technologies
Ion Gel-Coated Graphene Transistor for Ethanol Gas Sensing
Effect of Processing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Al7175/Boron Carbide (B4C) Composite Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy Techniques
Defects Formation and Microstructure Characterization of Friction Stir Welded Al 6061 Plates
Investigations on Physical and Mechanical Characterization of the Joints Fabricated through Microwave Hybrid Heating Method
Fabrication of Chemically Linked PEGylated Prodrugs for Hydrogel Carriers
Investigation of the Optimal Heat Treatment of As-Cast Al-5.7Si-2Cu-0.3Mg Aluminium Alloys
Enhancement of Fatigue Life in St37 Steels by Carburizing Process
Investigation on Surface Roughness of Drilled Holes in Nanoparticle Filled Polymer Matrix Composites
Chapter 2: Measurements and Computational Procedures in Materials Science
Using Iterative Discrete Wavelet Transform to Improve Trace Element Analysis by XRF Spectrometer
An Improved Iterative Polynomial Fitting Algorithm for Baseline Correction in X-Ray Spectrum
Study on LOD of Trace Elements by XRF Analysis Using BP & Adaboost and PLS Methods
On the Rapid Generation of Complete XRF Spectra for Material Analysis from Fundamental Parameters
A Numerical Investigation of a Single-Shot Impact Effects on Plastic Deformation of Titanium Alloys
The Extreme Value Distribution and Application of Decarburization of Piston Rod
Chapter 3: Design and Calculations in Mechanical Engineering
Non-Rigid Rotating Motion Effect on Creep Behavior for Infinite Cylinders under Thermomechanical Loading
Crack Identification of Curved-Elements Using Wavelet Packet
Research on the Positioning Method of Single-Phase to Earth Fault in Distributed Distribution Network
Chapter 4: Robotics and Mechatronics
Transfer Function Coefficients Calculation of the High Pass Frequency-Dependent Second-Order Components Using Special Phase Frequency Response Values
Research on Digital Signal Processing of Wireless Anti-Jamming Data Link Node Based on FPGA
Arduino Based Footboard Accident Prevention System for Electric Locomotives
A New Platform for Radio Astronomy Science Education
Influence of Permanent Magnets Installation Approach on the Torque of ? Magneto-Rheological Disk Brake
Design and Analysis of Pneumatic Bending Actuator Used in Soft Robotics
Design and Application of Galinstan Liquid Metal Fully Flexible Angular Displacement Sensor
Research on Strain Transfer of Beam Sensor Based on Ansys Workbench
Research on Electric Field Simulation of Ring Capacitance Sensor Based on Finite Element Method
Chapter 5: Computer Engineering, Communication and Applied Information Technologies
An Intelligent Modeling Methodology and the Integrated Monitoring and Early Warning System for the Escalators by Using BIM Technology
A Promising Hardware Accelerator with PAST Adder
Research on Small-World Network Communication of Public Sentiment by Self-Media Based on Energy Model
Urdu Sign Language Reorganization via Artificial Neural Networks
Exploration of Intelligent Development of Medical Heritage
Human Action Recognition Using CNN-SVM Model
A Method for TLS Malicious Traffic Identification Based on Machine Learning
Estimation of Parameters of Hyperbolic Functions with Additive Noise
Time-Weighted Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Improved Mini Batch K-Means Clustering
Outbreak Prediction of COVID-19 in India Using ARIMA and Prophet Model with Lockdown and Unlock
Study of Voice Communication System Based on FreeSWITCH
Chapter 6: Information Technologies in Education
Recursive Algorithm and its Practice in C Language Online Course Teaching
Research on the Data Driven Practice Teaching Mode: Take the Didi Data Set as Example
Research on Learning Behavior Based on ARCS Learning Motivation Model
Research on the Construction of Teaching System for Applied Ethnic Legal Talents Integrating Modern Educational Technology
Research on Automatic Scoring Algorithm of Chinese Subjective Questions Based on Text Mining
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Actuator;Additive Manufacturing;Alloy;Big Data;Ceramics;Communication;Composite;Computational Procedure;Computer Engineering;Educational Technology;Friction Stir Welding;Graphene;Informational Technology;Ion Gel;Machine Learning;Measurement