Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Theoretical and Advanced Technologies

Davim, J. Paulo; Bajpai, Lokesh; Gupta, Kapil; Singh, Chandra Pal; Agarwal, Pankaj

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Section 1: Advances in Manufacturing Engineering. 1. Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing. 2. Micro-Machining. 3. Green Manufacturing. 4. Precision Engineering. 5. 3D Printing. 6. Bio-Manufacturing. 7. Surface Engineering. Advanced Materials Processing. 8. Smart Materials. 9. Fabrication and Processing of Biomaterials. 10. Light Metals and Alloys. 11. Intelligent Machining and Processing of Difficult-to-Cut Materials. Section 2: Advances in Industrial Engineering. 12. Advances in Quality and Operations Management. 13. Developments in Supply Chain Management. 14. Lean Manufacturing. 15. Six Sigma Advancements. 16. Integration of Industrial Engineering Technologies for Process Productivity and Quality. 17. Advanced Manufacturing Systems. 18. Recent Developments in Material Handling. 19. Industry 4.0 and Industrial Engineering. Section 3: Industry 4.0 Interventions. 20. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. 21. Smart Manufacturing. 22. Mechatronics and Robotics. 23. CAD-CAM. 24. Virtual Manufacturing. 25. Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering education and Industry 4.0. Section 4: Other Advanced Technologies.
Green Manufacturing;Industry 4.0;3D Printing;Advanced Engineering;Precision Engineering;Sustainable Manufacturing;CAPP System;Melt Pool;TOPSIS Method;Mam Process;TWB;SLM;Blank Holder Force;SLM Process;Cm;Laser Cladding;LSP;Banana Fibre;Laser Micro-machining;LSP Process;Stir Casting;Cm Platform;SiC Particle;Hand Layup Method;SiC Particle Reinforcement;State Dependent Riccati Equation;Resin Transfer Moulding;PBF;Multi-stage Forming;Stir Casting Method;Hybrid Composites