Managing Across Generations and Cultures

Managing Across Generations and Cultures

A Practical Guide for Business

Radulovich, Lori

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Introduction 1 The Five Key Qualities of Leadership 2 Leadership Styles 3 Decision-Making Style 4 Body Language Basics 5 Persuasion Techniques 6 Cognition and Emotion 7 Visual Storytelling with Data Visualizations 8 Putting Everything Together in a Comprehensive Persuasion Plan 9 Building Trust 10 The Four Levels of Culture 11 Personality Traits and Their Influence on Culture 12 Communication Style 13 Global Mindset 14 Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship 15 Internationalization 16 Innovation 17 Human-Centered Managers 18 Diversity and Inclusion 19 Be A Leader
workplace culture;Boomers;Gen X;Millennials;Gen Z;Gen Alpha;diversity and inclusion;DEI;emotional intelligence;conflict management