Machine Building and Energy: New Concepts and Technologies (2nd MBENCT)

Machine Building and Energy: New Concepts and Technologies (2nd MBENCT)

Namazov, Subhan; Simon, Sylvio; Yusubov, Nizami

Trans Tech Publications Ltd





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Chapter 1: Defects Analysis and Fault Prevention in Engineering Structures
Analysis of a Longitudinal Crack in a Pipeline Loaded with a Certain Internal Pressure, with Recommendations for Further Operation
Calculation of Equal Resistance Riveted Joint
Increase in Resource Reserves due to the Reliability of the Track on the Railways
Chapter 2: Optimisation and Modelling in Engineering
A Detailed Analysis of External Ballistics and a Study of Factors Affecting the Projectile Range
Modeling of Main Gas Pipelines at Change of Pressure at the Beginning and Speed of Movement at the End of Pipe
Method for Reducing Fuel Consumption when Roasting Pellets from Magnetite Iron Ore Concentrate
Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Process of Adsorption Purification of Isobutane, Isobutylene and Benzene from Impurities
Chapter 3: Industrial Measurements
Correct Installation of Measuring Instruments and Determination of Errors by Checking the Equipment
Determination of the Uncertainty of the Dimensions of Weight Stones in Mass Measurements in Maritime Shipping
Safety of Energy Metering Systems: Optimization of Diagnostics of Measurement Channels
Chapter 4: Automation of Technological Processes and Production
Digital Twins for Computer Aided Design on Lathe Operations
Control Subsystem for Adaptive Control of Technological Processes on Metal-Cutting Machines
Application of Difference Equations in Automated Production Control Systems Using Abstract Discrete Automatons
Using Statistical Methods to Assess the Accuracy of Production Process Control Systems
Chapter 5: Communication Engineering
Research Information Security and Reliability Critical Infrastructure Control Systems
Research of Future Generation Multiservice Telecommunication Networks Based on SDN Technology
Studies some Aspects Information Security of Wireless Communication Networks
Research Efficiency Functioning Wireless Cellular Networks Taking into Account Modern Energy Saving Technologies
Research on the Effectiveness Energy Saving Mechanisms in Mobile Networks when Using the Wi-Fi Radio Interface
Research Capacity Indicators Multiservice Convergent Communication Networks Based on Modern Technologies
Chapter 6: Information Technologies
Application of Blockchain Technology for the Security of Smart Infrastructures
Application of NDVI Index and Supervised Decoration Methods on Sentinel-2A and Landsat 5 TM Satellite Images in ArcGIS Software
Measuring the Tendency of the Age Groups of the Population to the Digitalization of the Transport Infrastructure in Azerbaijan
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Automation;Blockchain Technology;Communication Engineering;Communication Network;Control;Critical Infrastructure;Defect Analysis;Engineering;Failure Prevention;Industrial Measurements;Information Security;Information Technology;Manufacturing