Machine Building and Energy: New Concepts and Technologies (MBENCT)

Machine Building and Energy: New Concepts and Technologies (MBENCT)

Yusubov, Nizami; Simon, Sylvio; Namazov, Subhan

Trans Tech Publications Ltd





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Chapter 1: Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection
Sustainable Development Goals: The Case of Industrial Ecology
Sorbents Based on Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Release of Tetracyclines for Water Treatment
Modern Methods of Purification of Heavy Metal Ions from Wastewater
Research of the Chemical Composition of Mining Industry Waste
The Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions
Chapter 2: Additive Manufacturing
Fabrication of Multi-Layer 316L-TiC Composite by Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing
Investigation for Multi-Layer CuAl8 and Multi-Material (CuAl8-Mild Steel) Deposition via WAAM Process
Chapter 3: Machining and Tool Restoration
Formation of Geometric Parameters of the Surfaces of Cylindrical Parts during Waterjet Cutting
Punches and Matrices Recovery for Hot Punching by Electric Arc Hardfacing
The Use Hot Stamping to Restore the Efficiency Tie Rod Ball Pins Trucks
Formation of Shaft Accuracy during Mechanical Processing on CNC Machines
Development of Production Technology for the Valve of Steel Drilling Pump Brand of PK08?4?5
Chapter 4: Research and Design of Machines and Tools
Improving of Machining Efficiency of Threads and Conical Surfaces of Diverse Directions by Managing Static Technological Relationships
Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Spherical and Eccentric Transmissions with a Double-Ring Satellite
Influence of Technological Factors on the Performance and Aging Process of Oil Pumpjack
Determination of the Ink Layer Thickness, Taking into Account the Surface Roughness of the Printing Forum
Research on Ratio Regulation Gear Differential Closed by a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Anti-Vibration Foundation for the Machines Used in the Oil and Gas Industry
Verification of the Adequacy of the Created Work Cycle Calculation Model of Marine Diesel Engine
Chapter 5: Thermal Engineering
Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Heat Exchanger Devices
Analysis of the Speed of Sound in Solutions of Ionic Liquids with Methanol
Chapter 6: Mechatronics
The Development and Study of an Electromechanical Converter for an Electro-Hydraulic Power Amplifier of a Servo-Hydraulic Drive
Requirements Definition, Modeling, and Simulation of Control Units of an Electrohydraulic Power Amplifier
Research of the Electromagnetical Part of Three-Phase Electromagnetic Vibrator of Low Frequency Vibrations
Issues Practical Implementation of the Receiving System Infrared Space Telescopes and Testing it at Low Temperatures
Analysis of Operating Benefits of Modern Wind Turbines
Intelligent Sensor Technology for Rotating Parts in Machines and Plants
Classification of Susbsea Construction Vessels and Evaluation of Study Effectiveness
Chapter 7: Power Engineering
Models of Power System Elements in Phase Coordinates for the Study of Non-Symmetrical Steady-State and Transition Modes
Methodology for Assessing the Degree of Aging Overhead Power Transmission Lines of EES
Increasing Control Automation and Management Flexibility in Distribution Electric Networks
Application of Volterra Integral Equations and Discrete Borel Transformations to Transient Switching Modes of Networks and Systems
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
New Trends in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Energy Efficiency as Driver of Sustainable Development
Specifics of the Planning of Additive Manufacturing Processes
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Additive Manufacturing;Adsorption;Alloy;Composite;Design;Engineering Management;Heavy Metals;Machines;Machining;Mechanical Properties;Mechatronics;Power Engineering;Steel;Thermal Engineering;Tool;Tool Restoration;Wastewater Treatment;Water Treatment