Low Intensity Breeding of Native Forest Trees in Argentina

Low Intensity Breeding of Native Forest Trees in Argentina

Genetic Basis for their Domestication and Conservation

Marchelli, Paula; Pastorino, Mario J.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1 - Native forests claim for breeding in Argentina: general concepts and their state.- Section I - Temperate Subantarctic Forests?Chapter 2 - Temperate Subantarctic Forests: a huge natural laboratory.- ?Chapter 3 - Rauli (Nothofagus alpina = N. nervosa): the best quality hardwood in Patagonia.- ?Chapter 4 - Roble pellin (Nothofagus obliqua): a southern beech with a restricted distribution area in Argentina but a wide environmental range.- ?Chapter 5 - Nothofagus Mixed Forest: a breeding program for an interspecific hybridization system.- ?Chapter 6 - Patterns of genetic variation of lenga (Nothofagus pumilio) and nire (Nothofagus antarctica): the most widely distributed and cold tolerant southern beeches in Patagonia.- ?Chapter 7 - Patagonian Cypres (Austrocedrus chilensis): the cedarwood of the emblematic architecture of North Patagonia.- Chapter 8 - Other species pf high ecological value.- Section II - Subtropical Dry Forests.-Chapter 9 - Subtropical dry forests: the main forest ecoregion of Argentina.- ?Chapter 10 - Genetic variation patterns of algarrobos (Prosopis sp.) from "Gran Chaco Americano" (P. alba, P. nigra, P. hassleri, P. chilensis and P. flexuosa).- ?Chapter 11 - Genetic breeding of Prosopis species from "Gran Chaco Americano" Chapter 12 - Species without current breeding relevance but high economic value.- Section III - Subtropical Rainforests.- Chapter 13 - Subtropical rainforests: the Yungas and the Paranaense Rainforest.- ?Chapter 14 - Patterns of neutral genetic variation for three high-value cedar species from the Subtropical Rainforests of Argentina.- ?Chapter 15 - Breeding strategy for the Cedrela genus in Argentina.- ?Chapter 16 - Pino Parana (Araucaria angustifolia): the most planted native forest tree species in Argentina.- ?Chapter 17 - Peteribi (Cordia trichotoma), Lapacho (Handroanthus impetiginosus) and Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil): three valuable species with incipient breeding programs.- Section IV - Other species, new tools and final considerations.- ?Chapter 18 - Applications of High-Throughput Sequencing technologies on native forest tree species of Argentina and implications for low intensity breeding programs.- ?Chapter 19 - Questions, perspectives and final considerations under the global climate change conditioning.
Domestication native forest tree species;Nothofagus;Prosopis;Cedrela;Araucaria;Tree breeding;Yungas and Paranaense Rainforest;Chaco native forest;Patagonian temperate forests;Forestry Management;Tree Biology