Lipophilic Vitamins in Health and Disease

Lipophilic Vitamins in Health and Disease

Shah, Anureet K.; Tappia, Paramjit S.; Dhalla, Naranjan S.

Springer International Publishing AG





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The Cardio-protective Effects of Fat-Soluble Vitamins on Anti-cancer Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity.- Fat Soluble Vitamins in Ocular, Cardiac and Infectious Diseases: Myths and Misconceptions.- The Effect of Lipophilic Vitamins on Cardiovascular Health in Women.- Mitigation of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease with Lipophilic Vitamins and Their Derivatives: ?Preclinical and Clinical Evidence.- Lipid Soluble Vitamins: Their Roles in Cardiovascular Health and Disease.- Interactions between Gut Microbiota and Lipophilic Vitamins in Health and Disease.- The Potential Role of Tocotrienols against Cardiovascular Diseases.- Recent Progress on the Skeletal Research of Tocotrienol.- Importance of Vitamin E and its Metabolism in Health and Disease.- Beneficial Effects of Vitamin E Combined with Antioxidants in Cardiovascular System Disorders: Experimental Evidence.- Vitamin E for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease.- Vitamin E: Implications in Cardiovascular Health and Neuroprotection.- Retinoids and the Vitamin A Receptor STRA6 in Health and Disease.- Vitamin A and Motor Neuron Disease.- Vitamin D and its Role on Inflammation, Oxidative stress and Cardiovascular Disease.- Vitamin D and Immune Function: Unraveling the Connections.- Maternal Vitamin D Levels During Gestation and Impact on Offspring Risk on Non-Communicable Diseases in Adulthood.- Unveiling the Link of Vitamin D and Diverse Cardiovascular Disorders: Current Status and Future Prospective.- Environmental Pollution-Induced Vitamin D Deficiency and its Impact on Outcomes of Pregnancy.- Extra-Hepatic Functions of Vitamin K.
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Cellular Function;Micronutrients;Antioxidant;Cell Signalling;Metabolism;Signal Transduction