Lignin-based Materials for Biomedical Applications

Lignin-based Materials for Biomedical Applications

Preparation, Characterization, and Implementation

Santos, Helder A.; Figueiredo, Patricia

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc






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1 Introduction to lignocellulosic materials2 Lignin: an innovative, complex, and highly flexible plantmaterial/component3 Lignin extraction and isolation methods4 Types of lignin, properties, and structuralcharacterization techniques5 Chemical modifications of lignin6 Requirements and properties of biomaterials forbiomedical applications7 Development of lignin-based nanoparticles: fabricationmethods and functionalization approaches8 Lignin-based materials with UV-blocking property9 Lignin-based materials with antioxidant andantimicrobial properties10 Lignin-based materials for drug and gene delivery11 Fabrication of lignin-based hydrogels and theirapplications12 Present and future prospective of lignin-based materialsin biomedical fields
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Lignin; lignocellulose; structure; properties; modification; chemistry; characterization; biomedical; requirements; nanoparticle; functionalization; hydrogel; aerogel; nanofiber; antioxidant; UV; antimicrobial; pickering emulsion; colloidal; drug delivery; tissue engineering; isolation; extraction; biopolymer; polymer