Lean and Green Manufacturing

Lean and Green Manufacturing

Towards Eco-Efficiency and Business Performance

Vimal, K. E. K.; Agarwal, Vernika; Ramesh, Anbanandam; Mathiyazhagan, Kaliyan; Kumar, Harish

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Analyzing the barriers for the implementation of lean and green closed-loop supply chain in Indian SMEs.- Assessing the Drivers and Challenges to Deploying Lean-Green practices the in Indian Manufacturing Sector.- Performance Evaluation of Lean Green Healthcare Manufacturing Plants: A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach.- Impact of policy change on Sustainability initiatives by Indian firms.- Trade prediction outcomes during pandemic and its impact in lean implementation.
Green and Lean paradigm;Decision Making and Mathematical Programming;Life Cycle Analysis;Eco Design;Environmental Management;Multi Criteria Decision Making;Artificial Intelligence;Future and Learning Industries;Risk Management;Supply chain management