International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 56

International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 56

Ibhadode, Akii Okonigbon Akaehomen

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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Prediction of Mechanical and Toughness Properties of Ni-Modified Cr-Mo Alloy Steels for Transmission Gear
Effect of Hybridization on Flexural Performance of Unidirectional and Bidirectional Composite Laminates under Ambient Temperature
Loading Effect of Hollow Glass Microsphere (HGM) and Foam Microstructure on the Specific Mechanical Properties and Water Absorption of Syntactic Foam Composite
Application of Cellulosic Fibrous Material from Agro Waste as Filtrate Loss Modifier in Aqueous Mud-Morphology at HTHP Conditions
The Use of SEM/EDX Analysis to Investigate the Pore Effect on the Mechanical Properties of some Selected Tropical Hardwoods
A Review of Lightweight Composite Development Using Paper Waste and Pulverized Ceramics - Towards a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Construction
Experimental Investigation on the Microstructural Properties of Black Cotton Soil Stabilized with Cinder (Scoria) Fines and Class-C Fly Ash
Mechanical Performance of Steam-Cured Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume and Limestone Powder
Use of Natural Pyrophyllite as Cement Substitution in Ultra Performance Polypropylene Fiber Concrete
Response Spectrum with Uncertain Damping Using Artificial Neural Networks
Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Optimization of the Batch Process in a Rectangular Passive Greenhouse Dryer
Optimal Power Management for Seismic Nodes
Economic and Reliable Preventive Maintenance Scheduling in Power Systems by Using Binary Crow Search Algorithm
Guarantees of Differential Privacy in Cloud of Things: A Multilevel Data Publication Scheme
Sustainable Transportation: An Overview and Fusion for the Last Decade
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Alloy;Battery;Binary Crow Search Algorithm;Black Cotton Soil;Building Materials;Cement;Ceramics;Cloud of Things;Cloud Computing;Composite;Concrete;Drilling Fluid;Dryer;Equivalent Circuit;Generation System;Internet of Things;Limestone