Insulin - The Crooked Timber

Insulin - The Crooked Timber

A History from Thick Brown Muck to Wall Street Gold

Hall, Kersten T.

Oxford University Press






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Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth?
Taming the Tiger
1: The Pissing Evil - a colourful description of diabetes by 17th century English physician Thomas Willis
2: Thick Brown Muck - Canadian scientist Fred Banting wins the Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin... and is furious
3: The Vision of Ezekiel - clinicians are stunned at the power of insulin to save lives, but it proves to be a double-edged sword
4: A Greek Tragedy - German clinician Georg Zuelzer snatches defeat from the jaws of victory
5: The Wasp's Nest - insulin proves to be a poisoned chalice for its discoverers
6: Be Careful What You Wish For - the case of Romanian scientist Nicolai Paulesco underlines the truth of an old proverb
7: 'In Praise of Wool' - the humble wool fibre sets in motion a revolution in biochemistry
8: A Boastful Undertaking - a discovery made in a fume-filled stable offers the key to unlocking insulin
9: The Blobs That Won a Nobel Prize - or two, all thanks to some coloured spots on a piece of filter paper
10: The Prophet in the Labyrinth - biochemist Erwin Chargaff helps unlock the secrets of DNA, but fears where this may lead
11: The Clone Wars - a conflict in which insulin proves to be a decisive weapon
12: Wall Street Gold - in an act of modern day alchemy, insulin makes stock market history
13: 'Don't You Want Cheap Insulin?' - What is it exactly that we want from science? And does the story of insulin have any lessons for us today?
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