Instant Insights: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture

Instant Insights: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture

Roth, Dr Lukas; Kovacs, Dr John M.; Aasen, Dr Helge; Walters, Dr Dan; Guo, Dr Wenxuan; Gu, Dr Haibin; Paz-Kagan, Dr Tarin; Ghimire, Dr Bishnu; Zhang, Dr Chunhua; Adedeji, Dr Oluwatola

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Chapter 1 - The use of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) in precision agriculture: Chunhua Zhang, Algoma University, Canada; and John M. Kovacs and Dan Walters, Nipissing University, Canada;

1 Introduction
2 Platforms and sensors
3 Flight planning and imagery acquisition
4 Image processing: stitching and ortho-rectification
5 UAS imagery applications
6 Image analysis
7 Case study
8 Future trends and conclusion
9 Acknowledgements
10 Where to look for further information
11 References

Chapter 2 - Advances in high-throughput crop phenotyping using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs): Helge Aasen, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zurich and Remote Sensing Team, Division of Agroecology and Environment, Agroscope, Switzerland; and Lukas Roth, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland;

1 Introduction
2 Remote sensing tools: unmanned aerial vehicles and flight protocols
3 Major plant traits that can be extracted using unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing
4 Conclusion and future trends
5 Authors' contributions
6 Acknowledgements
7 References

Chapter 3 - Advances in agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs): Tarin Paz-Kagan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel;

1 Introduction
2 Unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing sensors
3 Platforms for precision agriculture
4 Flight planning and pre-processing
5 Application in precision agriculture
6 Conclusion and future trends
7 Where to look for further information
8 References

Chapter 4 - Advances in remote/aerial sensing of crop water status: Wenxuan Guo, Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research, USA; and Haibin Gu, Bishnu Ghimire and Oluwatola Adedeji, Texas Tech University, USA;

1 Introduction
2 Quantification of plant water status
3 Electromagnetic radiation and interaction with matter
4 Optical remote sensing of plant water status
5 Remote sensing of plant water status using thermal infrared
6 Microwave remote sensing of plant water status
7 Conclusion and future trends in research
8 Where to look for further information
9 References
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unmanned aerial systems;precision agriculture;photogrammetry;digital surface model;crop biological parameters;plant stress;phenotype;ground sampling distance (GSD);image segmentation;absorption-based leaf area estimation;UAVs;unmanned aerial vehicles;UAV platform;sensors;remote sensing;crop water status;water stress;satellite