Innovative Bio-Based Technologies for Environmental Remediation

Innovative Bio-Based Technologies for Environmental Remediation

Sillanpaeae, Mika; Hussain, Chaudhery Mustansar; Singh, Pardeep

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Bio-Based Technologies for Environmental Management. Advances In Biotechnology For The Bioremediation Of Contaminated Ecosystem. Bioremediation: Tools And Techniques For WasteWater Reclamation. Aquatic Plants As Bio Sorbent For Remediation In Case Of Water Pollution As Future Prospective. Biobased Technologies For Remediation: Green Technology For Environmental Clean-up. Process Intensification In Bio-Based Approaches For Environmental Remediation . Bio-Based Technologies combination of other Technologies for environmental Management. Low-cost bioremediation technologies for transforming waste to wealth. Phytoremediation: An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Solution For Indoor And Outdoor Air Pollution. Phytoremediation: Importance And General Mechanisms. Phytoremediation Mechanisms Of Heavy Metals Removal: A Step Towards A Green And Sustainable Environment. Phytoremediation: A Sustainable Technology for Pollution Control and Management. Nanophytoremediation: a promising strategy for the management of environmental contaminants. Approaches Over Production And Purification Of Pleurotus Laccase For The Treatment Of Sugarcane Vinasse. Enhanced CO2 Assimilation by Engineered Escherichia coli (E.coli). Role of Biopolymer in Development of Sustainable Remediation Technologies. Nano Catalyst Synthesis by Green Route: Mechanism and Application. Bio-based polymeric material for Environmental Remediation. Removal of Cyanide from Soil, Air & Water. Biosurfactant: An alternative towards sustainability.
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In-situ Bioremediation;Eichhornia Crassipes;Microbial Fuel Cell;Pteris Vittata;Lemna Gibba;High Health Hazard;Pistia Stratiotes;Bioremediation Techniques;Soil Contaminants;MMT;Lemna Minor;Phytoremediation Strategies;Salvinia Auriculata;Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides;Hydrilla Verticillata;Biosurfactant Production;Manganese Peroxidase;Bioremediation Technologies;Egeria Densa;Elodea Densa;Moisture Content;Brassica Juncea;American Chemical Society;Membrane Bioreactors;Green Wall