Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing

Proceedings of I-4AM 2019

Chakrabarti, Amaresh; Arora, Manish

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Industry 4.0-Connected Drives using OPC UA.- Conceptual Framework to Assess the Maturity and Readiness towards Industry 4.0.- Prioritizing drivers of Industry 4.0 enabling Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study.- IoT and Semantic based Manufacturing System in the era of Industry 4.0.- Towards Socio-technical Network Analysis (STNA) in the connected world of Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing.- Intelligent Analytics for Factory Energy Efficiency.- Smart Multi-Material Weight Tracking Resource Bin.- A Conceptual Model for Smart Manufacturing Systems.- Casting Yield Improvement using Modeling and Simulation Technique.- Comparison of Two Different Simulation Methods for the Finite Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Forming and Perforation (EMFP) of Tubes.
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Industry 4.0;Digital Manufacturing;Materials Processing;Joining;Controls;Autonomous Systems;Robotics;Supply Chains;Sustainable Manufacturing;Policy;Entrepreneurship;Engineering Economics