Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

An Insight into Current Trends

Verma, Pradeep

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1. Significance influence of microbial biodiversity in biotechnological and industrial sectors.- Chapter 2. Significance and contribution of Microbial biodiversity in Various Biotechnological and Industrial Sectors.- Chapter 3. Fundamentals and industrial applications of modern genetic engineering.- Chapter 4. Omics role and its integration to modern-day technologies: Identification in production of industrially relevant bioproducts.- Chapter 5. Impact study of gene expression: Osmotic control, SOS response and heat shock response.- Chapter 6. Significance of microbial biomolecules, secondary metabolites and its impact on diverse aspects of human health.- Chapter 7. Molecular approaches to microbial identification of industrially significant strains.- Chapter 8. Emerging trends in novel technological advancements of oligosaccharides production and their potential applications as prebiotics with beneficial effects.- Chapter 9. Processed Food Microbiology and Safety: Risks, Trends and Future Perspectives.- Chapter 10. Microalgal Based Biorefinery Approaches Towards a Sustainable Future.- Chapter 11. Enzymes for food and industrial significance.- Chapter 12. Probiotic bacterial enzymes and cardiovascular diseases.- Chapter 13. Two-component regulatory systems in microbial pathogenesis.- Chapter 14. Significance of various aspects of food microbiology, fermentation and latest technology and its impact on human health- Chapter.- 15. Biostatistical investigation using docking mechanism and its database to investigate drug design, drug discovery, drug metabolism and prediction via drug-drug interactions.- Chapter 16. Biomaterials development using microbial products and its utilization in day-to-day life.- Chapter 17. Materials technology and its advancements involving nanotechnology, hydrogels and its impact assessment on various aspects of improving the health care system.- Chapter 18. Emerging technologies in medical microbiology for early diagnosis of diseases for better disease management.- Chapter 19. Use of Nanoparticles in the Healthcare Industry for Antimicrobial Effects.- Chapter 20. Probiogenomics and Genome Annotation in Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.- Chapter 21. Microbe-assisted agro-industrial waste valorization for green energy generation: A sustainable biorefinery approach.- Chapter 22. Exploring the Potential of Microbial Biomolecules in advancing human health and environmental sustainability.- Chapter 23. Mutation significance and assessment: Mutation types and selection of mutants, importance in microbial technology.- Chapter 24. Pivotal role of the biobased approaches towards a sustainable future.- Chapter 25. Impact of novel remediation technology: Significant role in the removal of toxic pollutants via sustainable approaches.- Chapter 26. Mycorrhizal fungi as technological intervention for crop productivity.- Chapter 27. Impact of novel remediation technology: Significant role in the removal of toxic pollutants via sustainable approaches.

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Microbial biodiversity;Genome sequencing;Microbial biomolecules;Industrial bioproducts;Bioremediation