Herbal Medicine Phytochemistry

Herbal Medicine Phytochemistry

Applications and Trends

Akram, Muhammad; Ogwu, Matthew Chidozie; Izah, Sylvester Chibueze

Springer International Publishing AG






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Historical Perspectives and Overview of the Value of Herbal Medicine.- Part I: Phytochemistry and Herbal Medicine.- Plant Food For Human Health: Case Study of Indigenous Vegtables in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.- Classification Methods and Diversity of Medicinal Plant.- Classification of Phytochemicals in Plants with Herbal Value.- Cola accuminata: Phytochemical Constituents, Nutritional Characteristics, Scientific Validated Pharmacological Properties, Ethnomedicinal Uses, Safety Considerations and Commercial Values.- Citrus aurantium: Phytochemistry, Therapeutic Potential, Safety Considerations and Research Needs.- etc.
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Phytochemicals;Medicinal Plants;Techniques in phytomedicine;Disease prevention;Herbal drugs quality;Herbal remedies safety;Bioactive compounds;Plant Extracts;Orthodox medicine;Traditional medicine;Ethnobotany;Standards in herbal medicine;Sustainable Herbal medicine policies