Handbook of Natural Polymers, Volume 2

Handbook of Natural Polymers, Volume 2

Functionalization, Surface Modification, and Properties

Thomas, Sabu; Goda, Koichi; Sreekala, M.S.; Ravindran, Lakshmipriya

Elsevier - Health Sciences Division






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1. Possibilities and significance of chemical modifications of natural biopolymers - State of the art
2. Modifications of starch and its characterizations
3. Physical and chemical modifications of gluten
4. Chemical modifications of nanochitin and their characterizations
5. Chemical modifications of Alginate based biopolymers
6. Functionalization of pectin and structural evaluation
7. Chemical modifications of keratin
8. Treatments on wool and structural evaluation
9. Functionalization and characteristics of chitosan-gelatin composites
10. Effect of modifications on natural rubber
11. Chemical modifications of collagen
12. Chemical and radiation modification of gelatin
13. Surface modifications of zein
14. Chemical functionalization and characterization of silk fibroin materials
15. Functionalization and structural analysis of Gum
16. Production of alginate oligosaccharides and their plant growth promoting activity: Effect of ionizing radiation processing
17. Microscopical analysis of modified natural biopolymers
18. Chromatographic analysis of modified natural biopolymers
19. Thermal properties of modified natural biopolymers
20. Electrical properties of modified natural biopolymers
21. Surface analysis and water contact angle of modified modified natural biopolymers
22. Rheological and shape memory properties of natural biopolymers
23. Environmental impact of chemically modified natural biopolymers
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Biopolymer; natural; polymer; extraction; processing; method; synthesis; characterization; structure; source; starch; polysaccharide; composite; blend; IPN; gel; nanoparticle; nanocomposite; cellulose; chitin; chitosan; gluten; alginate; rubber; gelatin; pectin; lignin; keratin; gutta percha; shellac; silk; wood; casein; albumin; collagen; hemicellulose; polyhydroxyalkanoates; zein; soya; gum; filler; properties; biocompatibility; cytotoxicity; biodegradability; life cycle; LCA; recycling; processing; functionalization; surface; modification; applications; materials