Handbook of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Handbook of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Coey, J. M. D.; Parkin, Stuart S.P.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Fundamentals.- History and Basic Concepts.- Magnetism of Nuclei, Atoms and Ions.- Exchange.- Anisotropy.- Electronic Structure.- Metals and Insulators.- Magnetic Order and Phase Transitions.- Spin Waves.- Micromagnetism and Domains.- Magnetotransport.- Magnetooptics.- Magnetoelasticity.- Magnetocaloric Effects.- Magnetic Materials.- Magnetism of the Elements.- Magnetic Metals and Alloys.- Magnetic Oxides and Insulators.- Organic and Molecular Magnetism.- Magnetic Minerals.- Magnetic Thin Films.- Magnetic Fine Particles and Clusters.- Dilute Magnetic Materials.- Artifically-Engineered Materials.-Materials and Device Preparation.- Magnetic Fields and Measurements.- Magnetic Resonance.- Magnetic Scattering.- Magnetic Spectoscopy.- Magnetization Dynamics.- Magnetic Imaging and Microscopy.- Applications.- Permanent Magnetism.- Soft Magnetism.- Magnetic Heterostructures.- Magnetic Sensors.- Magnetic Recording.- Magnetic Memory and Logic.- Spin Current Applications.- Semiconductor Spin Electronics.- Magnetic Quantum Computing.- Magnetochemistry and Separation.- Biomagnetism and Medical Applications.- Planetary and Stellar Magnetism.
Magnetic Data Recording;Magnetic Fields and Measurements;Magnetic Mterials;Magnetism of Atoms, Ions and Nuclei;Magnetotransport;Micromagnetism and Domains;Organic and Molecular Magnets;Spin Electronics;Spin Physics;Spin Waves