Guidebook for Powerline Technicians

Guidebook for Powerline Technicians

Van Soelen, Wayne

Cengage Learning, Inc






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1. Controlling Risk for Power Line and Cable Technicians.
2. Electrical Units.
3. Electrical Power System Overview.
4. Working in Substations.
5. Alternating or Direct Current.
6. Three-Phase Circuits.
7. Awareness in an Electrical Environment.
8. Constructing Overhead Power lines.
9. Working on Underground Power lines.
10. Working with Conductors and Cable.
11. Operating Switchgear.
12. Circuit Protection.
13. Installing Personal Protective Grounds.
14. Connecting Transformers.
15. Supplying Quality Power.
16. Working with Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks.
17. Rigging in Power Line Work.
18. Working It Hot.
19. Outdoor Lighting Systems.
20. Revenue Metering.
21. Managing Vegetation in an Electrical Environment.
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