Greener Products

Greener Products

The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands

Iannuzzi, Al

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Section I: The Case for Greener Products. 1. Introduction. 2. Market Drivers for Greener Products. 3. Regulatory Drivers for Greener Products. Section II: Making Greener Products. 4. Greener Product Design Examples. 5. Sustainable Innovation and Tools for Product Sustainability. 6. Biodiversity and Natural Captial. Section III: Marketing Greener Products. 7. Green Marketing. 8. Consumer Interest in Sustainable Purchases Continues to Grow. 9. Marketing Green: Best Practices from OgilvyEarth. 10. Aspects of Green Marketing. 11. Best Practices and Conclusions.
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Sustainability, Climate Change;Marketing, Greenwashing;DFE, Product Design, Industrial Ecology;Environment, Air Pollution, Water Resources, Industrial Waste;Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, ESG;Product Impact, Toxicology, Green Chemistry, Packaging