Genetic Programming for Production Scheduling

Genetic Programming for Production Scheduling

An Evolutionary Learning Approach

Zhang, Fangfang; Zhang, Mengjie; Nguyen, Su; Mei, Yi

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Part I Introduction.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Preliminaries.- Part II Genetic Programming for Static Production Scheduling Problems.- 3 Learning Schedule Construction Heuristics.- 4 Learning Schedule Improvement Heuristics.- 5 Learning to Augment Operations Research Algorithms.- Part III Genetic Programming for Dynamic Production Scheduling Problems.- 6 Representations with Multi-tree and Cooperative Coevolution.- 7 E?ciency Improvement with Multi-?delity Surrogates.- 8 Search Space Reduction with Feature Selection.- 9 Search Mechanism with Specialised Genetic Operators.- Part IV Genetic Programming for Multi-objective Production Scheduling Problems.- 10 Learning Heuristics for Multi-objective Dynamic Production Scheduling Problems.- 11 Cooperative Coevolutionary for Multi-objective Production Scheduling Problems.- 12 Learning Scheduling Heuristics for Multi-objective Dynamic Flexible Job Shop Scheduling.- Part V Multitask Genetic Programming for Production Scheduling Problems.- 13 Multitask Learning in Hyper-heuristic Domain with Dynamic Production Scheduling.- 14 Adaptive Multitask Genetic Programming for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling.- 15 Surrogate-Assisted Multitask Genetic Programming for Learning Scheduling Heuristics.- Part VI Conclusions and Prospects.- 16 Conclusions and Prospects.
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Production Scheduling;Machine Learning;Hyper-Heuristic Learning;Genetic Programming;Multitask Optimisation;Multi-Objective Optimisation;Heuristics