Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Lee, John H. S.; Ramamurthi, K.

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1. Fundamental Concepts. 2. Equation of State. 3. First Law of Thermodynamics. 4. Second Law of Thermodynamics. 5. Entropy. 6. Reversible Work, Availability and Irreversibility. 7. Thermodynamic State Functions. 8. Thermodynamic Coefficients and Specific Heats. 9. Thermodynamic Equilibrium. 10. Equilibrium of Species in a Chemically Reacting System. 11. Statistical Thermodynamics.
Specific Gibbs Free Energy;Isentropic Compressibility;temperature;Reversible Heat Transfer;internal energy;Ideal Gas;reversible process;Joule Thomson Coefficient;equilibrium;Reversible Heat Pump;entropy;Gibbs Free Energy;dense gas;Reversible Heat;Van Der Waal's Equation;Clausius Inequality;Heat Pumps;Helmholtz Function;Thermodynamic Coefficients;Reversible Heat Engine;Specific Internal Energy;Compressibility Chart;Real Gases;Reversible Path;Hot Reservoir;Cold Reservoir;Constant Volume Gas Thermometer;Clausius Statement;Carnot Cycle;Specific Gibbs Function;Triple Point Temperature