Fundamentals of Molecular Bioengineering

Fundamentals of Molecular Bioengineering

Di Paola, Luisa

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part 1: Biomolecular Thermodynamics.- Chapter 1: Classical and Chemical Thermodynamics.- Chapter 2: Statistical hermodynamics.- chapter 3: Proteins.- Chapter 4: Intermolecular forces and potentials.- Chapter 5: Volumetric properties of fluids: equations of state.- Chapter 6: Biopolymers ionization and salting-out.- Chapter 7: Protein-ligand interactions and binding.- Part 2: Computational Biology.- Chapter 8: Molecular dynamics simulations for computational biology.- Chapter 9: Protein structure prediction and analysis.- Chapter 10: Systems biology and structure- based protein networks.- Chapter 11: Computational protein binding.
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Molecular Thermodynamics;Protein Function;Molecular dynamics simulations;Biophysical Chemistry;Computational biology;Chemical Thermodynamics;Statistical Thermodynamics;Protein Folding;Protein Binding;Protein-protein interactions;Protein Structure Prediction;systems biology;Biophysical Models