Fitness Professional's Handbook

Fitness Professional's Handbook

Bushman, Barbara A.

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Physical Activity and Exercise: Realizing Benefits and Maximizing Safety
Chapter 1. Health and Fitness Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 2. Preparticipation Screening
Barbara A. Bushman and Lauren R. Chaney

Part II. Foundations
Chapter 3. Anatomy in Action: Functional Movement
Clare E. Milner
Chapter 4. Physiology in Action: Exercise Physiology
Brian Parr and Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 5. Fueling for Activity: Dietary Considerations
Laura J. Kruskall
Chapter 6. Energy Costs of Physical Activity
Barbara A. Bushman

Part III. Fitness Assessments
Chapter 7. Overview of Assessment
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 8. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessments
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 9. Muscular Fitness Assessments
Avery D. Faigenbaum
Chapter 10. Flexibility and Neuromotor Fitness Assessments
Erica M. Taylor
Chapter 11. Body Composition Assessments
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 12. Electrocardiogram (ECG) Assessment
Brittany Overstreet

Part IV. Exercise Prescription
Chapter 13. Exercise Prescription for Aerobic Fitness
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 14. Exercise Prescription for Muscular Fitness
Avery D. Faigenbaum
Chapter 15. Exercise Prescription for Flexibility and Neuromotor Fitness
Erica M. Taylor
Chapter 16. Putting Together a Comprehensive Program
Barbara A. Bushman

Part V. Special Populations and Conditions
Chapter 17. Youth
Avery D. Faigenbaum
Chapter 18. Older Adults
NiCole R. Keith
Chapter 19. Pregnancy
Barbara A. Bushman
Chapter 20. Weight Management
Tanya M. Halliday
Chapter 21. Chronic Diseases
Barbara A. Bushman

Part VI. Exercise Programming Considerations
Chapter 22. Behavior Modification
Janet Buckworth
Chapter 23. Injury Prevention and Management
Jenny Moshak
Chapter 24. Legal Considerations
JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek
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Fitness; instruction; exercise science; personal training; testing; assessment; evaluation; health; wellness; special populations; certification preparation