Fighting Campylobacter Infections

Fighting Campylobacter Infections

Towards a One Health Approach

Backert, Steffen

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Human campylobacteriosis - a serious infectious threat in a One Health perspective.- The data behind risk analysis of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli infections.- Population biology and comparative genomics of Campylobacter species.- Management strategies for prevention of Campylobacter infections through the poultry food chain: a European perspective.- Emission sources of Campylobacter from agricultural farms, impact on environmental contamination and intervention strategies.- Phage biocontrol of Campylobacter: a One Health approach.- Campylobacter virulence factors and molecular host-pathogen interactions.- Diarrheal mechanisms and the role of intestinal barrier dysfunction in Campylobacter infections.- Murine models for the investigation of colonization resistance and innate immune responses in Campylobacter jejuni infections.- Natural competence and horizontal gene transfer in Campylobacter.- Molecular mechanisms of Campylobacter biofilm formation and quorum sensing.
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poultry;food safety;One Health;foodborne pathogen;campylobacteriosis;lifestock infection;campylobacter;infectious diseases