Adventures with Extraordinary Women

Minchin, Louise

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Fearless - The Back Story

1. Anaya and Mitali Khanzode - Escape from Alcatraz
2. Christine Grosart - Wild Caving
3. Cath Pendleton - Freediving Under Ice in the Dark
4. Belinda Kirk - Overnight Dartmoor Crossing
5. Zainab (Zee) Alema - Rugby
6. Sophie Storm Roberts - Cycling
7. Mollie Hughes - Mountaineering
8. Caroline Bramwell - Long Course Triathlon
9. Lucy Gossage - Team Hike Bike and Paddle Board
10. Vivienne Rickman - Mountain Swimming
11. Kadeena Cox - Indoor Track Cycling
12. Rhian Mannings - Hiking
13. Mimi Anderson - 1200km Cycle Across Argentina
14. Lizzie Carr - Stand Up Paddleboarding
15. Anoushe Husain - Indoor Climbing
16. Rhiane Fatinikun - Hiking
17. Susie Chan - Ultrarunning

And Finally
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