Exploring Plant Cells for the Production of Compounds of Interest

Exploring Plant Cells for the Production of Compounds of Interest

Malik, Sonia

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1. Secondary Metabolite Production in Plant Cell Culture: A New Epigenetic Frontier.- 2. Plant Cell Biofactories as in vitro production platforms of the anti-cancer drug Camptothecin.- 3. Not One for All: The Interwoven Relationship Between Morphophysiology and Secondary Metabolite Production in Plant Cell Cultures.- 4. Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins as Anti-cancer agents.- 5. Duckweeds for the production of therapeutic proteins.- 6. Essential oils from plants: Industrial applications and Biotechnological production.- 7. Biotechnological production of antistress compounds: Current status and future prospects.- 8. Elicitors as a biotechnological tool for in vitro production of bioactive phenolic compounds.- 9. Immobilization and Application of Industrial Enzymes on Plant Based New Generation Polymers.- 10. Recent advances towards development plant cell culture process for sustainable production of lignans and its health benefits.- 11. Physiology of camptothecin synthesis in plants and root organ cultures of Ophiorrhiza mungos L. and its production in root fermenters.- 12. In vitro culture of Haloxylon recurvum and Haloxylon salicornicum: valuable source of food additives, pharmaceutical and nutritional components from extreme arid zone.
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Bioactive compounds;anti-stress compounds;plant epigenetics;Biofactories;lignans;phytopharmaceuticals;phenolic compounds;secondary metabolite;plant secondary metabolite