Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Volume 2: Bioenergy and Environmental Health

Pant, Deepak; Rathore, Dheeraj; Srivastava, Shaili; Singh, Anoop

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Algal biofuel: A sustainable approach for fuel of future generation.- Chapter 2. Microbial and biotechnological advancement in biogas production.- Chapter 3. Role of thermophiles in production of aviation biofuels: fueling the future.- Chapter 4. Bacterial mediated depolymerization and degradation of lignin.- Chapter 5. Microbiology of bioelectrochemical system.- Chapter 6. Application of biotechnology in oil and gas industries.- Chapter 7. Aquatic microbial oxygenic phototrophs: A short treatise on diverse applications and the future biofuel scenario.- Chapter 8. Bioinformatics: a new insight tool to deal with environment management.- Chapter 9. Development of modern tools for environmental monitoring of pathogens and toxicant.- Chapter 10. Interactions of environmental risk factors and genetic variations: Association with susceptibility to cancer.- Chapter 11. Sequestration of carbon dioxide by microorganism and production of value added product.- Chapter 12. Environmentalinteraction and impact on the life span of stem cells.- Chapter 13. Pharmaceuticals: An emerging problem of environment and its removal through biodegradation.- Chapter 14. Metabolism of dioxins and dioxins like compounds, its regulation and toxicological pathways.- Chapter 15. Film based packaging for food safety and preservation: issues and perspectives.- Chapter 16. Biotransformation: Basics and applied perspectives.
Microbiological Techniques;Biotechnology;Sustainable development;Waste management;Environment