Engineering Innovations Vol. 1

Engineering Innovations Vol. 1

Gordo Oderiz, Elena

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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Introduction to Engineering Innovations Series
Morphology and Conductivity Characteristics of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Deposited by Plasma-Enhanced Vapor Deposition in Textured Substrate
An Electrical Model of a Solid Polymer Electrolyte Cell
3D-Printing for Cube Satellites (CubeSats): Philippines' Perspectives
Development of a Pico-Hydro Electric Generator with 3D-Printed Pelton Turbine
Development of 3D-Printed Agricultural Drone (Ardufarmer)
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Assessment of Smart Passive Cooling System
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3D Printing;Agricultural Drone;Computer-Aided Design;Cube Satellite;Electrical Model;Electrochemical Cell;Passive Cool Roof;Pelton Turbine;Pico Hydro Generator;Polycrystalline Silicon;Solar Cell;Solid Polymer Electrolyte;Thermal Performance;Thin Film