Emerging Materials

Emerging Materials

Design, Characterization and Applications

Tayal, Shubham; Ajayan, J.; Thoutam, Laxman Raju

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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1. Novel Emerging Materials: Introduction and Evolution.- 2. Synthesis and Characterization of Emerging Nanomaterials.- 3. Seeded Crystal Growth of CdZnTe(CDT) Assisted via Numerical Modeling.- 4. Design techniques for high reliability FET by incorporating new materials and electrical/thermal co-optimization.- 5. Recent Advances in Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat using Emergent Thermoelectric Materials.- 6. Challenges and opportunities for Emerging Material Systems.- 7. Emerging Materials for BioSensor Applications in Healthcare.- 8. Emerging Nanostructures in Dental Applications.- 9. Emergent Catalytic Materials Towards CO2 Reduction.- 10. A Brief of Emerging Materials and its Applications in Photovoltaic Applications
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Atomic Layer Deposition;E beam Lithography;Nano-Imprint Lithography;Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis;Materials Design;2D Materials;Ceramic Composites;Metal Matrix Composites;Polymer Aerogels;Nanopesticides;MOSFET;Graphene Electronics;Nanomaterials;Metamaterials;Nanoelectronics