Ecology of Tropical Cities

Ecology of Tropical Cities

Natural and Social Sciences Applied to the Conservation of Urban Biodiversity

Fellowes, Mark D. E.; Angeoletto, Fabio; Tryjanowski, Piotr

Springer International Publishing AG






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1 The Ecology and Biodiversity of Tropical Cities Are as Important as Unknown.- 2 Could cities be an object of study for Ecology.- 3 Green Forest Gray Cities in the Amazon.- 4 Growing cities and shrinking fish Potential urbanization effects on fish and fisheries in tropical rivers.- 5 Latin America Where urbanization and poverty peak together with biodiversity.- 6 Vale Encantado Park Popular mobilization for a conservation area in a metropolitan environment.- 7 People animals and waste form systemic links within tropical cities Case of an urban raptor in Delhi India.- 8 Urban Green Spaces in Neotropical Cities Biodiversity Conservation and Menaces.- 9 Green and gray grids urban network natural resources and the construction of a sustainable landscape in northern Parana state Brazil.- 10 Loss of seaweed biodiversity in marine tropical regions caused by unplanned coastal urbanization.- 11 Urban biological evolution in tropical cities.- 12 Exploring urban greenspace and biodiversity in tropical Africa.- 13 Urban Forestry and Forest City Agglomeration in the Pearl River Delta Southern China.- 14 Tree diversity in an urban industrial area implications for urban greening and conservation.- 15 Composition And Structure Of Urban Tree Communities In Brazilian Cities.- 16 Opposing Urban Ecology The Restrictions Of Morphology And Architectural Typology To Urban Forestry.- 17 Urban Biodiversity Hotspots Harnessing the Conservation Potential of Yards in Brazilian Tropical Cities.- 18 Agrobiodiversity conservation in the urban context and the role of indigenous peoples and local communities.- 19 Urbanites backyard Garden interaction and species preferences impound local biodiversity in an Afro tropical metropolitan.- 20 Urban Agriculture Issues and Challenges in Iran.- 21 Bats in tropical cities the ecology in of and for cities.- 22 Ecological dynamics of frogs in tropical cities Uncovering bias using a systematic literature review.- 23 A global review of urban pollinators and implications for maintaining pollination services in tropical cities.- 24 Insects In The City Patterns Of Biodiversity Interactions And Ecosystem Services In Urban Green Areas.- 25 Revisiting butterfly diversity in Kolkata India conservation from urban perspectives.- 26 What do butterflies tell us about tropical and subtropical urban biodiversity.- 27 Ecosystem services provided by insects in tropical cities the role of bees dung beetles and odonates.- 28 Land snail diversity of Kolkata India potential for sustenance of urban green.- 29 Give Urban Biodiversity A Chance A Forest Fragment Harbors High Bird Species Richness In A Tropical City.- 30 Birds of prey from high altitude cities Bolivia Between extreme limitations and adaptations winners.- 31 Urban bird assemblages characterization based on diversity and ecological network.- 32 Urban Common Swift Apus apus nest box projects in Central Israel a case study of environmental education with urban wildlife.- 33 Ecosystem services of Leopards Panthera pardus fusca to the conurbation of Jaipur India.- 34 Functional diversity and the functional traits of the tropical urban fauna.- 35 Frugivory and seed dispersal in tropical urban areas a review.- 36 GLUEing the world the GLobal Urban Evolution project and its importance to urban biodiversity conservation.- 37 A low cost method to detect invasive species in the urban environment an example of a drone based workflow application.- 38 Evaluation of Urban Green Areas a Methodological Proposition.- 39 Social ecological dynamics of green and blue infrastructure in the Indian megacity of Bengaluru.- 40 Environmental Quality Indicators in Brazilian Squares as a Conservation Strategy for Urban Biodiversity.- 41 Patch and Landscape Metrics applied to Urban Green Space Analysis aiming to detect Habitat availability to Birds and Bats in Ponta Grossa a medium sized city in Brazil.- 42 Using landscape design to mitigate urban climate Campinas Case.- 43 Environmental journalisms contribution to the conservation of urban biodiversity information education and increasing awareness.- 44 Perpetuating protection of Brazils Legal Reserve Area and the future of tropical cities in the Brazilian Amazon.- 45 The ecological sensitivity of cities defining a system of green corridors.- 46 Public Policies And Biodiversity Conservation In Conflict In A Brazilian Agribusiness City.
Urban ecology;Urban biodiversity;Tropical cities;biodiversity conservation in the tropics;fauna of tropical cities;environmental justice;impact of urbanization;accerated urbanization;abiotic factors;public human health;biohistory;biological diversity;deforestation;ecosystem servicse;wildlife consumption