Echinococcus: Control and Elimination of Echinococcosis with a Focus on China and Europe

Echinococcus: Control and Elimination of Echinococcosis with a Focus on China and Europe

Mehlhorn, Heinz; Li, Jian; Wang, Wei

Springer International Publishing AG





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Chapter 1: Brief recognition history of Echinococcus tapeworm.- Chapter 2: Global epidemiology of echinococcosis: current status and future prospects.- Chapter 3: Alveolar and cystic echinococcosis in Central Europe: epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis.- Chapter 4: Echinococcosis in China: epidemiology, burden of disease and economic impacts.- Chapter 5: Biology and hosts of Echinococcus species in China.- Chapter 6: Echinococcosis immune response, immunopathogenesis and immune evasion from the human host.- Chapter 7: Pathology and clinical features of echinococcosis.- Chapter 8: Diagnosis of echinococciasis: parasitological, immunological, and molecular tools.- Chapter 9: Light and electron microscopical aspects of stages of Echinococcus species around the world.- Chapter 10: CT and MR features of echinococcosis.- Chapter 11: Ultrasound in diagnosis of echinococcosis.- Chapter 12: Current treatments for echinococcosis: what we have.- Chapter 13: Novel chemotherapeutical approaches against echinococcosis - a Swiss view.- Chapter 14: Cross- and multidisciplinary interventions used for echinococcosis control.
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Hydatid disease;Hydatidosis;Cystic echinococcosis;Alveolar echinococcosis;E. multilocularis;Echinococcus granulosus;Preventive measure;Neglected zoonotic disease;Neglected tropical disease;Tapeworm;SDG 3;Good Health and Well-being