Driving Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia

Driving Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia

Ratten, Vanessa

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Southeast Asia: The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2. Countries in Southeast Asia: A Historical Overview 3. Cultural Conditions and Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia 4. Unicorn Companies in Southeast Asia 5. Pesantren (Islamic Boarding Schools): The Largest Form of Social Entrepreneurship in Indonesia 6. Evidence of Ichimoku Trading Signals in Stock Exchange Indices: Implications for Southeast Asian Finance 7. Resilience and Risk Management in Times of Crisis: The Role of Stakeholders 8. Southeast Asian Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Review and Future Research Agenda
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Entrepreneurship Research;technological entrepreneurship;Southeast Asia;emerging markets;Social Entrepreneurship;transnational entrepreneurship;East Timor;digital economy;Timor Leste;globalisation;Southeast Asian Context;Islamic Boarding Schools;Pondok Pesantren;Entrepreneurial Ecosystem;RSI;MACD;EMA;Gunung Mulu National Park;LAZ;USA's Stock Market;World Heritage Sites;Kamphaeng Phet;Social Entrepreneurship Studies;Digital Innovation;Digital Ecosystems;Forecasting Ability;Influence Entrepreneurship;Kinabalu Park;Si Satchanalai;USD Exchange Rate