Design Engineering and Science

Design Engineering and Science

Suh, Nam Pyo; Foley, Joseph Timothy; Cavique, Miguel

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I: Fundamentals of Design.- Why Design?.- What is Design?.- How Do We Design?.- Representation of Design Solutions.- Defining the Problem to be Solved.- How Should We Select Functional Requirements?.- How Should We Select Design Parameters?.- How Do We Select Process Variables?.- Mapping in Design.- The Independence Axiom and Design Matrix.- The Information Axiom and Robust Design.- Representation of Design Outputs.- Introduction to System Design.- Design of Large Systems.- Introduction to Complexity.- Software Design.- Part II: Applications of Axiomatic Design.- Application of Axiomatic Design in a Manufacturing System.- Design of Job Shop for Manufacturing Discrete Parts.- Healthcare System Design.- Application of Functional Periodicity.- Integration of Axiomatic Design with Other Design Methods.- Design of Organizations.
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