Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis

Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis

Recent Advances and Future Trends

Murugan, D.; Kumar, T. Ganesh; P.C., Sherimon; Indrakumari, R.

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Editor Biographies. List of Contributors. Chapter 1 Journey into the Digital Frontier: Demystifying Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Chapter 2 An In-Depth Analysis of Deep Learning's Multifaceted Influence on Healthcare Systems. Chapter 3 Monitoring and Diagnosis of Health Using Deep Learning Methods. Chapter 4 A Survey: Recent Advances and Clinical Applications of Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis. Chapter 5 A Deep Learning Framework to Detect Diabetic Retinopathy Using CNN. Chapter 6 Skin Cancer Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques. Chapter 7 Prediction of Epidermis Disease Outbreak Using Deep Learning. Chapter 8 Deep Learning-Based Medical Image Segmentation: A Comprehensive Investigation. Chapter 9 Unleashing the Potential of Deep Learning in Diabetic Retinopathy: A Comprehensive Survey. Chapter 10 Enhancing Cardiovascular Health Diagnosis through Predictive Analysis of Electronic Health Records. Index.
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Neural Networks;Disease Prediction;Structured Regression;Clinical Support Systems;Precision Medicine;Electronic Health Records