Decolonial Voices, Language and Race

Decolonial Voices, Language and Race

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Multilingual Matters






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Contributors Acknowledgements Foreword Sinfree Makoni, Magda Madany-Saa, Bassey E. Antia, Rafael Lomeu Gomes: Introduction Chapter 1. Kwesi Kwaa Prah: Language and Decolonization in Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa Chapter 2. Christopher Hutton: Linguistics, Race and Fascism Chapter 3. Monica Heller and Bonnie McElhinny: Struggle, Voice, Justice: A Conversation and Some Words of Caution about the Sociolinguistics We Hope For Chapter 4. Robbie Shilliam: Black Bodies Chapter 5. John Baugh: Linguistics for Legal Purposes Bassey E. Antia: Epilogue: Transcending Metonymic Reason: Foregrounding Southern Coordinates of Sociolinguistic Thought and Rethinking Academic Cultures Index
Decolonial; Southern Epistemologies; Southern Theory; Global South; Global Forum; Sociolinguistics; Cultural Studies; Sociology of Knowledge; Forensic Linguistics; Political Science; Higher Education Studies; fascism; linguistics and race; decolonisation; Decolonization; decolonized academia; language and race; Covid-19; #rhodesmustfall; BLM; Black Lives Matter; #MeToo; Epistemology