Singh Sengupta, Sunitha; Jyothi, P.; Charumathi, B.; Kalagnanam, Suresh

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1 A Scientometric Analysis of Social Responsibility and Occupational Fraud
2 A Study on the Determinants of Moonlighting Behavior Among IT Sector Employees
3 Workplace Spirituality and Adversity Quotient: A Conceptual Framework
4 Cultivating a Culture of Integrity: An Examination of Human Values in Organizational Ethics
5 Role of Wages in Creating Values Among the Employees for Sustainability in Royal Enfield in Tamilnadu
6 Human Values and Ethics - Insights from Handlooms & Handicrafts
7 Human Values and Ethics: Lessons from Chanakya Neeti for the Modern World
8 Unraveling the Ethical Fabric: Exploring the Influence of Organizational Ethical Climate on Employee Psychological Well-Being
9 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as Value Additions in Business- A Conceptual Note
10 Unearthing Human Values and Ethics: Profound Insights fromAncient Scriptures
11 Logic of Eastern Truth
12 Inclusive Workplaces, Balanced Lives: A Study on Persons with Disabilities
13 Human Values and Ethics in Organization: Insight from Scriptures
14 Unveiling the Power of Selfless Leadership: A Conscious Approach to Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Lens of Dharma
15 Workforce Diversity Challenges in Service Sector in the Region of Telangana
16 The Nexus of Change Management and Sustainable Leadership: Shaping Organizational Social Impact
17 Sustainable Development of G-20 Countries by Empowering Gender Equality and Financial Inclusion of Women in India
18 Exploring the Impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace in IT Sector: A Human Consciousness Approach
19 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study of Afghanistan's Civic Organizations 2001-2021
20 Trials and Tribulations of LGBTQ+ People at Work as Barriers to Their Job Satisfaction: A Minority Stress Theory Perspective
21 Power of Image in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
22 Re-Designing Business Models and Technologies to Incorporate "Sustainability" - at Work and Developing Business Strategies 285
23 Uncovering DEI Disclosure on Corporate Annual Reports through Unsupervised Machine Learning and Text Mining
24 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Employees Perspectives on Sustainable Business Practices
25 Global Culture of Eco-Friendly Products and Preference of Consumer in Digital Economy for Sustainable Development of G-20 Countries
26 Sustainable Business Practices in Automobile Companies, India - A Comprehensive Study
27 Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Toward Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development in India
28 A Study on the Sustainable Business Practices of Agricultural Entrepreneurship and its Challenges in Ganjam District of Odisha
29 The Impact of Leadership on Sustainability: The Story of the Indian Institute
of Management Ahmedabad
30 Motivating GIG Workers: A Way to Achieve Sustainable Business
31 Buying Used Clothes: Technology-Enabled Sustainability
32 Value-Based Sustainability by Collective Pride and Harmony
33 Paradigm Shift in Empowering Clients Through Digital Approach - A Prototyping Startup Business
34 Assessing Sustainability Awareness, Behavior, and Attitudes: A Study among College Students
35 Environmental Sustainability Disclosure vs. Environmental Sustainability Efficiency
36 Evolving Landscape of Sustainability Reporting: A Comprehensive Review
37 The Benefits of Ecofeminism: A Guide to Sustainable Development
38 Sustainable Business Practices in Pharmaceutical Companies, India - A Comprehensive Study
Sustainable Development Goals;Democracy;Innovative Business Models;Well Being;Spirituality