Cultural Differences and Improving Performance

Cultural Differences and Improving Performance

How Values and Beliefs Influence Organizational Performance

Hopkins, Bryan

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Preface; Introduction; Part I The Theory; Chapter 1 How Do Cultures Differ?; Chapter 2 Analysing Performance; Chapter 3 Culture and Workplace Activities; Chapter 4 The Systems Approach; Chapter 5 Solving Workplace Problems; Part II The Practice; Chapter 6 Step 1: Define the Problem; Chapter 7 Step 2: Collect Data; Chapter 8 Step 3: Analyse the Problem; Chapter 9 Step 4: Generate Ideas; Chapter 10 Step 5: Select Solutions; Chapter 11 Step 6: Implement Solutions; Chapter 12 Step 7: Evaluate Effectiveness;
Uncertainty Avoidance;Nominal Group Technique Session;cultural values;Mark 1;cultural dimensions;Causal Flow Diagram;international;Kahlil Gibran;government;Linear Active Cultures;military;Behaviour Engineering Model;national workplace culture;High Uncertainty Avoidance Culture;Power Distance Culture;Solve Workplace Problems;High Power Distance Culture;Analyse Performance Problems;Power Distance Indicators;Influence Diagram;SSM;Work Design Interventions;SSM.;Original Problem Statement;Vice Versa;Nominal Group Technique;Performance Flowchart;Low Power Distance Cultures;High Tension Leads;Married Men;Force Field Analysis